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Adding Items/Products

To add or edit an item, enter details in the following fields:

  • Item Name: Enter the name of this product. This name will be displayed on the catalog page, and will also be shown in the shopping cart when a customer orders it.
  • Description: Enter the description that will appear under the product name. This description can include HTML coding if desired. Any HTML codes you enter will be stripped out and the description truncated when creating the item`s meta tags.
  • Keywords: Enter the keywords you wish to set for this product. This field only influences the keyword meta tags, and will not appear in the catalog.
  • Thumbnail URL: If you wish to display a small image in the catalog when products are listed, enter the URL of that small image here. You may also click the `Upload` link to load an image to your site.
  • Large Image URL: If you wish to display a larger image in the catalog for additional display, enter the URL of that small image here. You may also click the `Upload` link to load an image to your site.
  • Catalog #: Enter a catalog number if you wish to associate a stock number or UPC code with a particular item. This number will appear in the catalog and in the shopping cart.
  • Shipping Units: Enter a number here if you wish to set shipping units for this item. Shipping units are sometimes used by the shopping cart when figuring shipping costs, but are not always required.
  • Regular Price: Enter the general price of this item, even if you are adding additional price discounts or option prices. This price is used as the base price of the item, and is utilized for the price search.
  • On Sale Price: If this item is on sale, you can enter the sale price here. Sale prices will be applied to the base price, so any option prices, quantity price discounts, coupons or wholesale prices will be applied after the sale price is set.
  • Active Item: If this is a stocked item, set this product as active. If you wish to temporarily not show this item, you can set this as inactive until you are ready to display the item.
  • Featured: If you wish for this item to be displayed as a featured item, you can set the "Featured" field to "Yes". This will display the item when a customer clicks the "Featured" link, and will also show the item in the side feature bar if it is available for your site.
  • Out of Stock: If an item is out of stock, you can set this field to `No` and the item will either not be displayed or will be shown as "out of stock", depending on the way you have the catalog settings configured for out of stock items.
  • Pop Up Page: If you have entered any pop up pages, you can now select a pop up page to be displayed for this item. In the catalog, a link will appear that opens this pop up page in a new pop up window to display more info for that item.
  • Tax %: If some items in the store are taxed and others are not, you can set a tax percent for the taxable items. Note that this only works if your shopping cart is set up to view tax for individual items. Tax is not applied to wholesale vendor purchases.
  • Your Costs: Enter a cost value for this item if desired. The cost is not used in the catalog, but is just available to view for quick reference within your store administration area.
  • Wholesale %: If the wholesale page is active, you will be able to set a wholesale percent here, which will be applied to that item if a wholesale vendor is logged in. This value can be overridden for any wholesale vendor as needed. Wholesale percents are added on top of any retail prices, after the base price and option prices have been set, and any sale price or product discounts have been applied. Wholesale percents will not be calculated if a customer is logged in with a coupon.
  • Display: If the wholesale page is active, this field will set a product as available to wholesalers only or to retail customers too. If "WS Only" is selected, the item will only show if a vendor is successfully logged in as a wholesale vendor.
  • Price Discounts: If you wish to set price discounts for quantity purchases, you can enter the quantity breaks and discount levels here. For each discount break, enter a level to start the product discounts and a percent or amount to discount the item. The discounts will be applied after the sale price has been set, and before any wholesale discounts or coupon discounts are set. You can mix dollars and percents if desired.
    ex.) A store wishes to offer a discount of $1.00 off the total price when 2 items are purchased, $2.25 off the total price when 3 to 6 items are purchased, and 10% off the total price when 7 or more are purchased. They will use the following settings:
    2 or more - 1 ($ off)
    3 or more - 2.25 ($ off)
    7 or more - 10 (% off)
  • Category 1 - Category 5: Select up to five different categories to associate this item with. Select only end level categories; the items will automatically appear in the main categories if the catalog settings allow it.
  • Date: Enter the date that the product was entered, if it is different from the date shown. This date field is used when determining which items are "New" (ie. the items with the latest dates are displayed first in the New Items list.)
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