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Why doesn't the item get removed from Inventory when its sold? - MerchantMoms :: Knowledgebase
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Why doesn't the item get removed from Inventory when its sold?

When an item isn't removed from the inventory it usually means the remote calls at Mal's aren't setup correctly. Also check to make sure you have a Paypal Business account, rather than a Personal account (or upgrade from Personal). Personal accounts can be used with the cart, but the inventory control and order tracking will not work!

1. Log in to Mals http://mals-e.com

2. Click "Cart Setup"

3. Choose the "Remote Calls" link right hand column

4. Make sure the box reads: IPnumber/~your_cpanel_user_name/go/finish.php

(Note: be sure to use YOUR Ip number and cpanel user name - not the one in the example above)

5. Set the Method to POST

6. Click "Update Records"

7. Go back to Cart Setup and find the PayPal link under Payments

8. Under 'Website Standard', select the second option: 'return the customer back to the cart. See the notes below...'.

Put a check in the IPN box. (If you do not, a customer can close the window and it won't post back.)

10. Click Update Settings

11. Log into your PayPal account, click on Profiles the find:

Website Payment Preferences to set up, then go to Instant Payment Notification and set that up as well.

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