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Want to be template designer?

The rules:
1. Send us a link to your site for approval

2. You must install all templates completely for the customer and provide support for adds, moves and changes. Sending them a set of graphics and an html file will not suffice. It must be an installed package.  The template should appear in their template drop down list (done by proper installation to the template folder), not only be pasted into the custom template window where it can be easily lost.

We do not make changes or alterations to custom templates. If there is an error in the template, we will refer the customer back to you for corrections. We expect you to handle the situation and make things right.

3. Any change requests must be handled by you. We do not make edits to custom template files.

4. You may not state a preference for another webhosts over merchantmoms.com, however, you are free to state a preference for merchantmoms.com.

5. You may not offer your own hosting packages.
6. You cannot favor one hosting company over another. This includes your website, emails, and direct contact. If someone comes to you and wants to buy a template for use with MM hosting you cannot try to steer them to another hosting company. Anyone found to be doing that is banned from our list permanently.  Designers have been, and will be banned for infractions such as this. Our designers list gets a lot of traffic and is a valuable free advertising source. All we ask is that you not abuse the privilege.

Please let us know at support@merchantmoms.com if you have questions.

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