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Template Design for Newer Versions

The new enhanced version of our software has some really nice perks Smiley 

There is also one that you may not know is there, but do need to be aware of as it very well may affect your design process.   

If you've viewed the source on the newer sites you'll see these tags that you didn't before --

<meta name="robots" content=[color=teal]"index,follow"[/color]>
<meta name="googlebot" content=[color=teal]"index,follow"[/color]>


<meta name="robots" content="[color=red]noindex,nofollow[/color]">
<meta name="googlebot" content=[color=red]"noindex,nofollow"[/color]>

The system is designed to put a noindex/nofollow tag in Pages to help to keep them hidden when the Show Link No is chosen.  The purpose of the "Show Link" feature is meant to give the site owner the option to hide pages from the public (or make them private) so that these pages won't be indexed or spidered.  It may not be iron clad but it does help, and it is a feature the site owner can set up themselves if necessary and if designed to allow for it.

If designed to allow she says?  Yup, that's where I'm headed next.  Keep reading Smiley

Please make sure Pages have are set to "Yes" unless the customer specifically needs a Page hidden from the general public for something like proofs, unfinished content, pages with info meant only for wholesalers/members, etc.  If the Page is set to no show simply for design purposes, the Page will not be indexed and are unable to do their sitemaps, etc.

When you wish to keep certain links out of the navigation, or break up where certain pages appear -  a header area menu, the footer menu, left hand/right hand menu, for example, you can use page groupings. That's exactly what they were created for. They make designing for the system very easy and you're able to use them in a number of very creative ways.  Granted they may seem confusing to the client, and when the design is complete it would be a very good idea to let them know which group is which in the event they want to add a link to it. 

Additionally, if you aren't using the Catalog Images feature to place/load the images, that is also helpful.

In closing, if you have questions or concerns, please do ask  ( support@merchantmoms.com). 

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