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My site is slow or won't load, what should I do? - MerchantMoms :: Knowledgebase
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My site is slow or won't load, what should I do?

It is possible that something is causing the server to bog down -- or somewhere along the network from your computer to our sever, something is down or running slowly. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about the later issue.

But in case it is our server, please submit a support ticket ASAP as soon as you notice your site being slow. This way we can catch the issue in progress and determine what is happening.

Also, it would help immensely if you could perform a trace from your computer, so we can see exactly where the slowdown is occuring.

You can do that by going to http://network-tools.com/  Check the radio buttun next to "Trace", then put your domain name ( yourdomain.com ) in the text field and click "GO"

Then copy and paste the info to gives you into a support ticket.

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