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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 2093 times)
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« on: April 27, 2010, 01:24:44 AM »

Our MerchantMoms forum is such a wonderful community that I probably don't really need to post 'rules'; but we do have new comers that might need the information.  These are pretty standard rules to most forums and email lists.

The beauty of the MerchantMoms forum is that you help one another, and especially, that the User (you!) feels empowered that they really can do it themselves.  With a little help from each other, great things are happening.

Remember, this is a public forum and your posts are visible by anyone who happens to visit our little corner of the world including the person that you are talking about.  Once something gets out on the internet it is hard to remove it.

1. Play nice Smiley - Absolutely no flaming or profanity allowed.
Flaming is when you berate, belittle, be mean to, or otherwise hateful to another member.  If you cannot respect each other's opinions and post in a mature adult fashion, the thread will be removed.

2. Absolutely NO advertising or posting your prices.
The only place our members are permitted to advertise is in your signature file, and the Jobs Board (but not with prices).  You have the ability to have a banner and that's your advertisement with your sig.

3. Absolutely NO discussions on WHAT to CHARGE for a product or service.
This is considered price-fixing which is a felony in the US. Absolutely no questions asking what to charge for anything!

4. All subjects on the board are to pertain to MerchantMom business.
The exception being the Just For Fun board.  This is not the place to discuss business you have with one another in another area (ie discussion with your designer about your project, or SEO about your project, etc.)

5.The following subjects should not be brought here:
Political issues or subjects; Religious issues or subjects; Pornography or sexually explicit subjects.
We are an INTERNATIONAL list. That means we come from a huge variety of backgrounds including political and religious beliefs! It's already been established that wars, real wars, occur over these very subjects! If the rest of the world can't all agree, then it makes perfect sense that we wouldn't all agree either, so those subjects are NEVER allowed. DO NOT ask the list for "prayers" or that the membership "prays" for anyone.

6. Stay on task - no hijacking!
Try to post within the appropriate category (there are some new ones) for your question to be found, and answered.   Hijacking is to steer a discussion off-topic by discussing a subject entirely unrelated to the subject at hand.  This won't be tolerated.  The hijacked thread will likely be removed to put the thread back together again.

This is in addition to the information here

MerchantMoms, LLC
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