Who's Who?

  • 10th October 2009
Periodically, especially with new people, we like to refresh memories on "Who's Who" here at MerchantMoms and where to get the help you need   You may have noticed blue titles under the names.  This is only for staff, so you'll know who is a staff member.Who's WhoHerb and I (Sherri) are the owners.  Herb is most often behind the ...
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Your Privacy

  • 2nd September 2009
We have been made aware of companies calling clients acting as if they are associated, affiliated, or working for, MerchantMoms. This is not the case. The ONLY time someone from MerchantMoms will call you is if YOU request it via email, support ticket or voice message to MerchantMoms help/support line, or we see a reason to personally ...
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