another scam

There is a SCAM from Webhostingagents.  They are sending a hosting invoice in the mail to people .  This is a scam, be aware, stay diligent, stay safe.

This article is slightly dated, but still happening

16th Jul 2020
Is This A Real Email from Public Domain Registry

No the email entitled : Important notification regarding your registered domain names is not spam. Many of you will be receiving an email from Public Domain Registry around July 29, 2019. This is simply a notice that they have to send out to registrants as part of their updated policy that their reseller agreement has changed with resellers of ... Read More »

4th Aug 2019
789 and 110

We have been experiencing some issues with PHP  on servers 789 and 110; please know that I'm working to get them resolved.

13th Jul 2019
1112 issues Day 2

I am sorry to report that we are still working on bringing the server accounts online. 

However, we have diagnosed and corrected the bug within a script that is used in the restoration process and have it once again working through the process.

Again thank you for your patience.

13th Mar 2019
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