1112 issues Day 2

I am sorry to report that we are still working on bringing the server accounts online. 

However, we have diagnosed and corrected the bug within a script that is used in the restoration process and have it once again working through the process.

Again thank you for your patience.

13th Mar 2019
1112 issues

A drive went bad last night and had to be replaced, the sites are being restored as quickly as possible. 

Thank you for your patience.

12th Mar 2019
Squirrel Mail

Squirrel Mail in WebMail has been phased out by Cpanel;  you will need to choose either Horde or Round Cube instead.

There is also the rather handy option of https://mail2web.com  where you enter your email address and password; this is similar to the yahoo set up of webmail. 



16th Jan 2019
1112 RAM upgrade

Server 1112 (primarily CS-Cart users) is getting a RAM upgrade; there shouldn't be much time down and should alleviate past issues.

10th Jul 2018
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