Content Is King

Content Is King

content is still king on the web

One of the questions we are often asked at MerchantMoms is what more should we be doing on our web site to bring traffic (business, sales).

We will share our suggestions here in hopes that it will also help you.

Get Responsive!    In this day and age, it is more important than ever before to have your website work on whatever device a person happens to be using.  In April of 2015 we announced what Google released a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that many were calling Mobilegaedon .  To that end, we launched our responsive version in April also.

If you haven’t upgraded your site yet to be responsive, do seriously consider this.  You will need a responsive template.  It’s possible that what you have can be upgraded, otherwise a new one may be necessary.  It’s a worthwhile business investment (and write-off expense).


Add SSL – this is another thing that the search engines (Google) are looking for is https throughout the site.  It used to be okay to only have it at checkout, but now they want to see it throughout the site.   You may have gone to sites (perhaps your own) where your browser complains that it isn’t secure.  That’s why.    NOTE:  You do need the latest responsive version above to have the SSL


Content Content Content!  Content is still King on the web.  Words.  Words that entice your shoppers to buy from you, to find what they are looking for.

  •  A home page with only images doesn’t tell the search engines what you have.
  • Take the time to write good category and product descriptions. Think like a shopper – what would you want to know before you were to buy the item?  What do you look for when you are shopping online?
  • Consider a blog.  Adding a blog to your website is a good way to drive traffic, bringing people back and forth between the product you are telling about and the sale of the product.   It’s an opportunity to ‘chat’ about you, too, add fun and information.  Some people use the blog as their whole website, with WooCommerce as the shopping cart.

Other things that are also important for you to do are to  :