Add Upload Form at Checkout ( Mal's ) JotForm Sign up for an account at JotForm Then create a form with... Add thumbnail images to cart This tutorial will describe how to add thumbnail images to your checkout page - Available ONLY... GDPR GDPR - Mals You have probably received various emails regarding GDPR and perhaps seen a whole lot of... I can't login to my Mal's account Unfortunately, that happens sometimes. Please login using the direct link... Insurance/Gift Wrapping Addon Fee - Upsell Items Go to Cart Setup -> Advanced Settings -> Upselling Add-On Add New Product... Lost Mal's password Go to and enter your user name (also called UserID),... Mal's Changes for SSL If you have SSL on your site you will need to make these changes in Mal's Cart Setup >... Mals - Premium or Free? The primary differences between the free and premium version of Mal's are 1) advanced shipping... Newsletter Signup at Checkout ( Mal's ) Get MailChimp List ID   Navigate to the Lists page   Click... Orders not posting back to admin - inventory problems If you have inventory control or order  problems ( not posting back ) please check the following:... SSL Certificate You do not need to buy an SSL certificate.  Mals and/or PayPal provides the SSL certificate for... Setting up PayPal Pro You will need to upgrade to the Mals Premium Cart and apply in your PayPal account in order to... Using SKU in Mal's You can use the system's scode for upselling or for setting up item specific discount coupons in... What payment methods can I accept through my web site? The free cart supports payments via: -PayPal Website Standard-PayPal Express checkout -Nochex... Create an account at Mal's Ecommerce If your site will be an ecommerce site (where you sell products) you will need to sign up for... Connect your site with Mal's shopping cart ( turn on buy buttons ) You will need to connect your site with the Mal's shopping cart. This will also be the piece... Mal's Basic Setup The Merchantmoms system works with the Mals-E shopping cart. Set up a free Mals account. Once...
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