PopUp Pages - OLD 2.93 amd below

PopUp Pages can be added to your Products. You might use them to share additional information about your product, give sizing structure, or even show additional images.

Hover over the Advanced link - in the top menu - and choose Pop Up Pages


Add Pop Up Page

Click to ADD a popup page - or edit an existing one

Add Pop Up Page

Create your popup page

  1. Name your Pop Up Page.  Note: This name is what the viewer will see on your Product page
  2. Enter the content you want on this popup page into the editor - you can upload an image or have text only or both
Create your popup page

Add the pop up page to one of your product

Once you have created at least one Pop Up Page that will trigger a new field ( drop down list ) in your product add/edit screen - just below the item images section

Navigate to E-Store > Products and select an item you want to add a pop up page to

Add the pop up page to one of your product

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