Theme Colors

This is a feature in version 2.94 which allows the template designer to add pieces to the template that can be *edited* in the storeadmin - just like those in the Fonts & Colors area. Not all templates will have this extra option but if yours does you will see something like this in the Web-Site > Theme Colors area

If your template was set up to make use of Theme Colors these are the fields you can edit.

1) Theme Entry - the name of this particular Theme Color option. It's normally just a descriptive name of the element it will edit/control. The designer has prenamed this for you - no need to change this

2) Class name - the designer has used a CSS class in the template HTML for the element this controls. DON'T CHANGE THIS - it will not work if you do

3) This field allows you to upload a background image for this element

4) You can use the color picker to change the font color of this element

5) You can use the color picker to change the font background color.

After any changes you've make click the UPDATE button.

Designers - below are instructions on how to specify areas that can be edited in your templates

1) Add a style class to any element in your template's htm file. Example:
<div class="butterfly_section">All about butterflies here…</div>

2) Then add this to the template's .php file - at the very bottom:
$themecolorlist[] = "Butterfly Box; .butterfly_section; 000000; FF99FF; images/pinkbutterfly.png";

Where the $themecolorlist[] entry is in the format:
Some Theme Color Name ( so the customer knows what will effected); .classname; textcolor; backgroundcolor(this is the color behind the text); backgroundimage (relative to the main site)

You do not have to add all color and image values (only the theme color name and class are required), but you must keep the semicolons in place.
Note that this style will only apply to the Butterfly_Dreams.htm template.

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