Pages 6

Learn how to manage the pages on your site. Index page, adding pages, guestbook, FAQ, WebLinks, Articles and more

Product and Categories 16

Manage your store's product, categories, product reviews, options & attributes, downloadable items..etc

Site Extras & Advanced Features 3

Articles on advanced features and how to use them, like the FAQ Creator, Events Catalog, WebLinks....and more

Store Settings & Administration 6

Site Settings, Catalog Setup, Wholesale, Coupons, Gift Certificates and everything else needed to run your store

Templates & Images 11

Changing the look & feel of your site. Optimizing and resizing images. Learn how to change colors in Fonts & Colors, learn to use the DIY template, how to use template includes, images layouts and more

Wholesale 2

Learn how to set up wholesale options on your site


 2.94 - New Features!!!!!

New Features in version 2.94* Theme Colors: This is a feature that designers can add to templates...

 Get The Latest Version

Kathie handles all of the upgrades for us here.  You can order yours directly from her...

 How to access your storeadmin

There are 2 ways to access your storeadmin. (1) The direct link which is...

 Temporarily stop orders or turn off site

If you find you need to temporarily turn off your site or don't want to take orders for a short...

 Verify your site with Google

Add new site or verify existing site 1.  Either add a new site To add a website: In the...

 Product thumbnails on Home Page or Not

Do you have product thumbnails showing on your homepage but don't want them there? Or do you want...

 SEO and your store

Search Engine Optimization Basics for the MM systemThe software that Merchant Moms uses is set up...