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Is there something more we can do for you? Just ask - we'll let you know if it is something we can do.

Do you know that Google is pushing for https? We've got you covered in two flavors - the full 75/yr version is the strongest and a must for sites that process credit cards. The Light $15 version is enough to please Google, Bing, etc., that are on board with https being important and will give you the 'safe' lock (but not the green lock with green https).

Need a bit of help with updating your site, perhaps product entry? We can do that!

Do you have the best most recent version of the system software? Upgrading will bring your site up to speed in a hurry, no need for you to redo anything (other than a responsive template).

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Extra Services Price List:

We provide these extra services for a very reasonable fee.

Extra Services Price List:

Service Time Frame Price Order
NEW! Product Entry
Price includes 10 (Ten) items, (time frame dependent upon your getting the information to us)
36 Hours $25.00 USD Order Now
System Upgrade
Get the latest version - Google Happy! Responsive on All Devices
24 Hours $35.00 USD Order Now
SSL Light Install
Give Your Site the S in HTTPS
24 Hours or less $15.00 USD Order Today
Word Press Software Installation
Want a 'Blog'? We'll install for you.
24 Hours or less $10.00 USD Order Today